Lead Sync

Have you wanted to find out more about leadership or leading at Celebration? Have you felt a tug on your heart to step into something more? Leadership can look different for different people. Whether you are curious about leading in ministry, leading in your workplace or in your home, this process of development can help you to become a God honoring leader.

Leadership is a process of development that is open to anyone willing to embark on the journey. At Celebration Church, we believe leadership development is best accomplished through relationships. Both with those you lead and those who lead you. Our mentor based leadership process creates a pathway for potential leaders to be identified and developed. Being invited into a leadership role can occur as development progresses. Essentially, the leadership process will serve to help you grow from impacting a circle of friends to impacting a community for the cause of Christ.

Celebration strives to equip its leaders with tools to help them maximize their impact and expand their leadership potential. Find out what our leaders are reading and learning.

Some of the best opportunities to develop as a leader come through experiences. While reading material and other resources serve as valuable tools, there’s no better way to learn than through interactive experiences that will encourage and challenge you as a leader.

LeadSync offers a variety of learning experiences to equip and develop you as a leader in any sphere of influence. These experiences are open to anyone who is currently leading or interested in leading at Celebration Church. Learning experiences include readiness workshops, Bible classes, and leader roundtables.

Check out upcoming opportunities below and join in what best fits your ministry interest and schedule.